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Welcome to Stinger web Design Egypt شركة تصميم مواقع فى مصر . We are a full service Visual & User Interface Design Agency that can provide a total solution for any of your online, new media, print, or traditional marketing & advertising initiatives.

With our team of forward thinking creative talent, your message will be clearly articulated no matter what the communication medium.

Please contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help you to create a meaningful presence.

Coldwell Banker moves forward with Stinger Designs to provide their online and new media solutions.
Stinger Designs launches new Graphical User Interface for Lingerie-Direct. Design and development continues on new ecommerce and web presence.
Stinger Designs signs maintenance contract with Comverge & The Workshop.
Stinger Designs begins design and development of new ecommerce and web presence for Lingerie-Direct.
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Stinger for web design in Egypt Designs develops and designs new web presence and corporate identity for Comverge Inc.
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Stinger Designs creates improved user experience and interface design for EZ-WAYS.
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  Stinger Designs works with Coldwell Banker to develop online marketing, SEO Egypt, design, and web development Egypt initiatives.  
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  Stinger Designs partners with The Workshop to combine our web development, user experience, and visual design expertise with a full service marketing/advertising agency.  
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